Graduating College

It has been a little over a month since I graduated from college– in fact, it has been 37 days, and they have flown by. Right away I started to babysit, and I went back to my first internship to help out every chance I could as a paid assistant. Unfortunately, my lease was up last week and I was forced to move back upstate. In two weeks, I will be boarding a plane to Rome and visiting Europe for the first time. At first I was hesitant to accept the chaperone position to Italy and Greece, but then I said to myself, “If I do not go now when I have the chance, will I ever actually go?” I think this is one of the smartest decisions I ever made, because I know when I arrive home I will be ready to start my job search. If I declined the offer, I know I would kick myself later on and resent my decision. Not to say I have not been thinking about jobs. I am constantly checking LinkedIn, looking at companies I am interested in, keeping in touch with all my connections and attempting to create an online portfolio with some of my work. Just because I am not working just yet does not make me lazy, if anything, it puts me at an advantage because I know my heart and mind will be ready to enter the real world by fall.

I cannot wait to post pictures of Rome, Pompeii, Athens, Mykonos and all of the other Greek islands I am so fortunate to visit.

I will leave you with this quote that really hits home right now. I love its simplicity.

My new favorite website is

Pinterest. If you have not checked it out yet, you must! It is an online pinboard when you can share the things you love… people post things from flashy nail designs to crafts to the most delicious, gooey desserts I have ever laid my eyes on. What I love about the website is the variety of it. It really allows you to be creative AND be inspired.


Just came across this…


I couldn’t help but share!

It’s December already!!

I started writing this post yesterday, December 1, but I got caught up while interning… always lots to do, of course. I cannot believe it is already December 2, one week from today marks my last day of fall classes- EVER! (Well, at least for undergrad.) I cannot stress enough how time flies; I remember the anxiety I had four years ago while applying for colleges… and now I get to have the same anxiety while applying for jobs.

However, I cannot stress enough how important it is to balance your life; it should never be all work, or all play. While working or doing something that leaves me frazzled, I murmur this mantra: “this too shall pass.” I take a few deep breaths, put on some Alanis or Michael Buble and give myself some time to rewind.

Everyone is different, but here are some of the ways I get through stressful, busy times:

1) Treat myself to a chai tea latte; delicious and healthy! Double whammy.

2) Take a break from whatever I am doing and hit the elliptical, and after that, run on the treadmill at 8.5 MPH for as long as I can. Instant perk up!

3) Read my favorite blog ( or HuffingtonPost’s college section. By doing this, I am both feeding my interest and gaining knowledge… what’s not to love?

4) Look at old photographs of myself and my friends; a guaranteed way to bring a smile (and sometimes a tear) to my face.

5) Give myself fifteen minutes to shop online. Most of the time I do not buy anything (I am a really indecisive person), but sometimes I go out on a whim and buy a sweater or two.

6) Blast Broadway showtunes and sing along. Enough said.

To each their own! What are some ways you unwind and take a break? I would love to know.


Good morning!

I am always looking to perfect my resume; it is an ever-changing work of art. I just came across this article, “10 Things to Remove from Your Resume” via LinkedIn, which has some good tips.

Here is the link:

Speaking of LinkedIn, it is so important to utilize this tool to your advantage! Being ahead of the game and using it while you are still in school sets you apart from the crowd. Not only can you find job opportunities (a huge plus!), you can join groups of your interest.

For example, one of my favorite groups I actively read posts from is #PRintern/#EntryPR. It is great to hear tips, questions and comments from my peers all across the nation. It also gives me the motivation I need to stay on top of things and not give into senioritis!




Hello world!

Welcome to my personal website!

I am so excited to write my first blog post.

Here I will share random ramblings about my life; whether it is touching upon what happened to me on subway, sharing internship tips or writing a review about the latest book I read. I believe it is important to have an online presence in this day and age, especially one you can be proud of.

‘Til next time,



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